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My name is Dawn Allmandinger, I'm NEWDAWN DOG RESCUE in Grass Valley, Northern Ca. All of the rescue work is voluntary and strictly non-profit. All fees and medical charges for the fostered animals are paid for out of pocket or are partially offset by donations to the Grass Valley Veterinary Hospital. is where I have my web site. Following is a description of NEWDAWN DOG RESCUE.

I go into the Nevada County Animal Shelter located at 14647 Mc Courtney Road, in Grass Valley Ca., 95949, phone 530-273-2179 2 or 3 times a week, sit in the pens with the dogs, photograph them, talk to them and evaluate their personality. Then, when I post them on my Petfinder website, I write a little story about each animal. I do this for the cats too. Occasionally, I am contacted by people who need to give up their pet. I get as much information as I can about the pet and post their story also.

Because of the noise, confusion and intensity of emotions during a visit to the shelter, many people are uncomfortable and hurry through without getting to know the personalities of the animals.

By posting these photos and stories, people can see and become familiar with the animals any time of the day, without going to the shelter.

I would like people to know about Petfinder and NEWDAWN DOG RESCUE because they save lives. This year, the Nevada County Animal Shelter has had a significant increase in the number of pet adoptions and a corresponding decrease in the number of euthanasias. People come from the Grass Valley area, Sacramento, Placerville, the Bay area, Chico, Lake Almanor, Reno, Gilroy, Redding, Marin County, Lake Tahoe, Shasta, Bakersfield, Santa Rosa and even Los Angeles and San Diego and have flown or driven dogs and a few cats as far away as Illinois, Virginia, Washington, Montana, Arizona, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon and even British Columbia after reading about an animal on the website.

If anyone would like to have their animal posted on my site, I can be contacted by e-mail or telephone. Iíll need a brief description of the animal, itís personality, and preferably a photo in .jpg format. If no photo is available, I can make arrangements to photograph it.

It is better to find a home for an animal without relying on the shelter. If the shelter is full, an animal may be euthanised in as little as 4 days after turn in or capture.

Thank you SO Much for helping in the ongoing job of saving these animalsí lives.

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VERY IMPORTANT, please spay or neuter your pet.
Every year, between 8 and 10 million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters; some 4 to 5 million of these animals are euthanized (killed with no pain) because there are not enough homes for them.

Below are statistics for the Nevada County Animal Shelter provided by Lt. Ron Earles, current head of Nevada County Animal Control:

Statistical Information

Year Redemption Adoption Euthanized
1998 11% 20% 68%
1999 16% 27% 57%
2000 16% 43% 41%
2001 15% 44% 38%
2002 14% 65% 21%
2003 16% 67% 17%
2004 18% 75% 7%
2005 18% 78% 4%
2006 18% 79% 2%

2001 handled 1,028 dogs and 620 cats. Total 1,658

2002 handled 973 dogs and 880 cats. Total 1,853

2003 handled 995 dogs and 830 cats. Total 1,825

2004 handled 936 dogs and 644 cats. Total 1,580

2005 handled 886 dogs and 794 cats. Total 1,680

2006 handled 770 dogs and 657 cats. Total 1,427

The euthanized number for 2007 has stayed the same as 2006. Please help us get the euthanized number even lower for 2009 by adopting or fostering animals from shelters.

VOLUNTEERING For Your Local Animal Shelter Is One Of The Best Ways To Help Animals In Need.
You can make a difference in the lives of animals. When you give animals the gift of your time. Whether you walk dogs, be a cat cuddler, assist with cleaning cat and dog pens, foster an animal or just sit and give a hug or two, that in it's self is making a difference in a animals life.     Click Here to Learn More About Becoming A Volunteer Yourself

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